Cyanotype workshop next weekend at Penumbra.

Robert Schaefer will be leading a one-day cyanotype workshop at Penumbra Foundation (Center for Alternative Photography) in New York City on Saturday, October 17th.

Find the description below, and click here for registration information.

“This workshop is an investigation into the expressive possibilities of the Cyanotype process and will cover and demonstrate the techniques and procedures used for making these aptly named blue-toned prints. Students will learn the cyanotype process from start to finish, starting with the mixing of its iron-based, light sensitive emulsion, coating the paper with the emulsion and finally, by placing a negative on the coated paper and exposing it to a UV light source. Different chemistry formulas, emulsions, coating methods and paper choices will be discussed. Students should be prepared to bring in several of their own images in negative form. Medium and large format B&W negatives, paper and acetate negatives and digital negatives are all appropriate for this workshop.”

Photo credit: Robert Schaefer