Cyanotype weekend coming up at Gold Street Studios, March 23rd – 24th!

Gold Street Studios Gallery & Workshops, located in Victoria, Australia, will be offering two cyanotype-related workshops on the weekend of March 23rd and 24th…

On the 23rd, the one-day Cyanotype & VanDyke Brown on Fabric workshop will show participants how to print their images on fabric using the aforementioned processes. Fabric introduces a sense of movement into photographic imagery, can be stretched like canvas, and allows photographers to make unique wearable and home-decor artworks!  Please click here for more information on the workshop.

On the 24th, the one-day New Cyanotype workshop will introduce students to the modernized version of the traditional cyanotype process, developed by Mike Ware in 1995.  Please click here for info on the workshop and a link to Mike Ware’s website.

Photo credit: Mike Ware