Wet plate, dry plate, salt, and albumen workshops coming up at Gold Street Studios!

Gold Street Studios Workshops & Gallery, located in Victoria, Australia, has the following one-day workshops coming up…

On October 4th, the Wet Plate Glass Negative workshop will show participants how to make glass negatives using a large format camera and the wet plate process.  Please click here for full details.

On October 5th, the Dry Plate Negatives workshop will incorporate Foma liquid emulsion into the dry plate process, the forerunner of film photography.  Please click here for information on the process and workshop.

On October 6th, the Salt Printing workshop will introduce participants to this seemingly simple process.  A great opportunity to utilize glass negatives made in the Wet and Dry Plate classes!  Please click here for more information.

On October 7th, the Albumen Printing workshop will familiarize participants with the process that dominated photography until the turn of the 20th century.  Please click here for details.

Photo courtesy of Gold Street Studios