B&W II, III, and Fine Print in B&W classes coming up at ICP!

If you’re looking to take your B&W printing to the next level, the International Center of Photography, located in New York City, might just have the workshop for you!…

Meeting on Wednesday nights between January 16th and March 20th, Photography in Black-and-White II is an intermediate course where students focus on the “relationship between exposure, film development, and the finished print” while experimenting with toners, papers, chemistry, and more.

Meeting on Thursday nights between January 17th and March 21st, Photography in Black-and-White III picks up where B&W II leaves off, and students work to develop a personal aesthetic vocabulary while building a body of work.

The Fine Print in Black-and-White, which meets Tuesday nights between January 15th and March 19th, is geared toward students who want to “unify concept, content, and aesthetic choices” in an on-going or completed project.

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