B&W and Color workshops coming up at ICP!

The International Center of Photography, located in New York City, has a whole slew of workshops coming up…

Beginning on January 27th, Photography I in Black-and-White provides an introduction to the B&W darkroom through weekly assignments and lectures.

Also starting on January 27th, the ten-week Non-Silver Printing workshop introduces students to historic hand-applied emulsions printed in conjunction with negatives, prints, and digital negatives.  Click here to learn more about this and ICP’s other alt pro workshops.

Beginning on January 28th, the ten-week The Fine Print in Black-and-White is an advanced darkroom class that seeks to expand participants’ understanding of the relationship between negative and print through experimentation with different types of chemistry.

Beginning on January 29th, the ten-week The Power of the Color Image: Exploring Color In and Out of the Darkroom introduces students with previous B&W experience to color photography through hands-on printing, critiques, and lectures.

Beginning on January 30th, the ten-week Photography III Black-and-White is geared toward experienced photographers who are interested in developing a coherent body of work.

Please click here to learn about all of ICP’s film photography workshops.