Chemigram, Platinum-Palladium, Large-Format workshops coming to ICP

The International School of Photography, located in New York City, has the following workshops coming up…

On March 29th, participants will have the chance to get playful in the darkroom in the Chemigrams: Experimental Photography Without a Darkroom or Camera.

And on two consecutive weekends, February 29th/March 1st and March 7th/8th, students will learn how to create digital negatives to be used in conjunction with the platinum/palladium process in the Digital Negatives and Platinum-Palladium workshop.  Click here to read about both of these and ICP’s other alternative process workshops.

Beginning on March 4th and running through April 1st, the Large-Format class will meet on Wednesday mornings and will expose students to the technical and aesthetic aspects of working with a large format camera.  Click here to read more about this and ICP’s other film-based workshops.