Black Lives Matter

The Halide Project stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and is committed to the work of creating meaningful change.

Resources and support:




The Halide Project board signed an open letter to Mayor Kenney and City Council that can be read at WWW.PHLARTSFORBLACKLIVES.COM. If you are an artist or arts leader in the Philadelphia area please consider endorsing the letter. Thank you to Asian Arts Initiative, BlackStar Film Festival, and Vox Populi for organizing this action.

On June 16th we joined the Emergency Art Action to Fund Black Futures organized by The Artist Coalition for a Just Philadelphia. Find ways for continued action at WWW.NOTOZERO.ART.

The Peoples Film Program, created by Sheldon Omar-Abba, is offering free film development and scanning for Black, POC, and youth photographers who have been documenting the movement. Write to to learn more.

Follow this link for tips on protecting yourself and others when photographing protests.

Find a thorough list of ways to support Black-owned small businesses as well as direct resources for business-owners here.


We will continue to update this page with additional resources.