Anthotype Lecture and Demo with Ryan Strand Greenberg

December 15, 2019
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The Halide Project

In conjunction with Living Image, The Halide Project’s fourth annual juried exhibition of contemporary handcrafted photography, local artist, curator, and Living Image 2018 exhibitor Ryan Strand Greenberg will present an informative lecture about the history and method of the anthotype print. Through demonstration and discussion, participants will gain an understanding of this early 19th century technique of exposing plant pigments to sunlight.


More about Ryan Strand Greenberg:

Ryan Strand Greenberg is an independent photographer and public art curator whose focus is unlocking stories of place through visual storytelling. Ryan’s work explores the intersection between history, art, and ecology.

As a photographer, Ryan has worked in journalism, editorial, advertising, and fine art. His images have been published in many magazines, newspapers, and advertising campaigns nationally and internationally. Ryan’s photographs have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions at notable institutions and galleries across the United States.

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“An anthotype is a living image,” says Greenberg, “Once completely exposed, anthotypes will continue to fade from the very light that allows them to be seen. This provides the opportunity to witness, simultaneously, the constant cycle of growth and decay as they become anew each day.”




Age 18 and over. No experience necessary. Registration required below.
Photos provided by Ryan Strand Greenberg.




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