Upcoming Exhibition:


April 6-May 12, 2018 at The Halide Project, 1627 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia
Barbara J. Dombach, Scott McMahon & Ahmed Salvador, and Amanda Tinker
The artists featured in Second Nature employ alternative photographic processes that allow them to transform common, natural forms into otherworldly images, decontextualizing and reassembling their subject matter in new and provocative ways. The images on view touch upon themes of nostalgia, the sense of self, and our relationship with the natural world, and exemplify the contemporary possibilities in historic photographic practices.
Programming includes: Artists Panel Talk, Wet Plate Collodion Demo with Chris Morgan, Visit to the PMA Prints, Drawings, & Photographs Study Room, Pinhole Camera Workshop with Alexandra Orgera, One Night Pop-Up Pinhole Show at Gravy Studio, and Photographers meet-up at Bartram’s Garden


Previous Exhibitions:



October 6-29, 2017 at Gravy Studio & Gallery
Annual International Juried Call-For-Entry
Selected from an international open call by The Print Center curator John Caperton, the works on view in Living Image demonstrate the breadth, depth, and delight of contemporary analog photography.
Programming includes: Juror Talk, Community Informal Group Critique, Polaroid Transfer Workshop with Matt Ashby, and Wet Collodion Tintype Demo with CJ Harker
Sponsors: Penn Treaty Special Services District, Gravy Studio, Indie Photo Lab, The Photo Review, and Velvet Glove, Russet, and Founders Brewing Company



March 3-26, 2017 at Gravy Studio & Gallery
Lisa Elmaleh, Sage Lewis, and Lucretia Moroni
Of Metal & Light features three artists who explore the elementary nature of photography, in both form and concept, demonstrating the significance of material and process in image creation and exemplifying the forward momentum of contemporary, chemistry-based practices.
Programming includes: Artists Gallery Talk, Visit to the PMA Prints, Drawings, & Photographs Study Room, Community Informal Group Critique, and Cyanotype-making at Penn Treaty Park
Penn Treaty Special Services District, The PA Council for the Arts, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, PECO, Gravy Studio, and Russet



June 3rd – 26th, 2016 at Gravy Studio & Gallery
THP’s first annual call for entry exhibition
Selected from an international open call by Artforum Photo Editor Chandra Glick, the works on view in Living Image speak to the craftsmanship of the techniques used to create them. Artifacts of the processes create serendipitous “imperfections” that stand in stark contrast to the ubiquitous, digitally processed imagery that surrounds us today. From historic processes to photograms to sculptural pieces, the work serves to reconnect viewers with the handmade aspects of photography that have largely been disassociated from the medium in the digital age.
Programming: Cyanotype-making at Penn Treaty Park, Juror lecture, Visit to the PMA Prints, Drawings, & Photographs Study Room, Community Informal Group Critique, and Large Format Photo Workshop with Rick Wright
Sponsors: Penn Treaty Special Services District, Gravy Studio & Gallery, and Russet



December 5th – 30th, 2015 at Crane Arts Building Gallery 105
Bill Armstrong, Vincent Feldman, Josh Markowitz, Tricia Rosenkilde, and Sarah Van Keuren
Featuring photographs by five artists working in various chemical techniques, Making Contact demonstrates the creative breadth that is possible within the umbrella of traditional photography.
Programming: Crane Arts Open Studio Night, Gallery Talk and Booksigning with Vincent Feldman, Large Format Photography Workshop with Rick Wright, and Pinhole Camera Workshop with Stephanie Slate
Penn Treaty Special Services District, Russet, Crane Arts, and generous Kickstarter Supporters